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Yo punkers play yr records so i dont have to walk too far

Healers - time is a vulture that is always circling


time is a vulture that is always circling by Healers

One more week til Memphis


Though the Country Teasers may be his main calling card, no matter the project he has happening at any given time, such as the gazillion records he has released as the Rebel, the even more than usual Fall influence being shown off in the Male Nurse and the tapes project collaboration with the Invisible Hand called Skills on Ampex to name just a few, the music that Benedict (Ben) Roger Wallers makes is always a puzzling journey into a man’s bent psyche. Born on this day, Sept 15 in 1971 I am sure he will have some surliness and a bottle of wine to celebrate.

Photos of Ben take by me in August of 1999 at the Magic Stick in Detroit when the Country Teasers were on tour with the Compulsive Gamblers. The 32 oz. size Aquafina bottle he is holding was filled with cheapo American Whiskey (Kessler’s if I recall correctly) which he proceeded to down completely during their 40 minute set. After they were done he smoked some of the weed that was being passed around backstage (but wasn’t used to the fact that here in the US we don’t mix it with tobacco so the full on dosage knocked him for a loop.)

He ended up taking his, at the time, trademark hat off and then somehow lost his disposable lighter behind the couch in the “dressing room” and decided to look for it. I thought he was going to pass out right then and there but he found the hat and everything was a-ok.


Sick Thoughts - Need No One

Off the “Need No One” 7”

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Ausmuteants - 15 Frames Per Second